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Had to get something for work… between the Nike Satire or Black/White Cons. Very happy with my choice.

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Me and Zal experimented with some body paint… Idea to make a stop-motion thing of the lines developing. This isn’t that.

They are gifs (above) and should move.

I like the arm bit. Not keen on the hand bit.

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Staff fancydress party - Circus theme - Circus Freak

Photo by delayed vibes

Sexy wine time…

Photos by delayed vibes

…in an arty house.. my house.

I’m thinking ’60s - ’70s?

Aga, from a fun shoot on new year’s eve 2012-2013

Thanks for this time. I miss it.

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Another shot from my birthday in 2012…. hunting for wild swimming.

We got slightly ‘lost’…. well…. some wally (me) put the wrong postcode into the sat nav. Worth it.

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A shot from that birthday in 2012…. Wales.

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Just trying a gif out… From this, I know what I want next (something smoother and more subtle).

Does anyone know why areas of the 2 photos are going lighter/darker even though the shots were a split second apart ie the (natural) lighting shouldn’t have changed in this time?

I suspect there will be a whole load of self portraits now I have my camera again

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