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Freaky Deaky

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Staff fancydress party - Circus theme - Circus Freak

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Just trying a gif out… From this, I know what I want next (something smoother and more subtle).

Does anyone know why areas of the 2 photos are going lighter/darker even though the shots were a split second apart ie the (natural) lighting shouldn’t have changed in this time?

I suspect there will be a whole load of self portraits now I have my camera again

FINALLY ! Got my camera back from getting repaired… and took a selfie in my bedroom - good work.
Camera had got very sandy…. the guy said it’s the worst case he’s seen in 25 years of fixing cameras.
Now I just need to put my lens back together ( I cleaned that out myself ).

I also got some new sun glasses : )

I’ve got a few projects lined up over the next few weeks so hopefully they creativity will be flowing… and I’ll be a notch more careful with the hardware.
Also got a highline (slackline) planned which I’m stoked about!

Also it’s nice to see some new followers who are also artists/photographers and people who are embracing life.

Sunset at Trigg..

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Sexy wine time…

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…in an arty house.. my house.

I’m thinking ’60s - ’70s?

Aga, from a fun shoot on new year’s eve 2012-2013

Thanks for this time. I miss it.

Going Time Lord on your arse.

A previous angry time. 2012

Another shot from my birthday in 2012…. hunting for wild swimming.

We got slightly ‘lost’…. well…. some wally (me) put the wrong postcode into the sat nav. Worth it.

A shot from that birthday in 2012…. Wales.

Fish and chips after a day long hunt for wild swimming.

On my birthday, 2012. Thanks Hannah for the shot and the awesome sun glasses you got me, I wear them almost every day.

It was so cold, and you raised to the challenge of stripping off and getting in first. What a girl.

Sat on a wall with torrents of a river to my left. Jumper had a weird collar on it, so I cut it off.

Wales, UK.

The sky at home. (Widnes, July 2012)

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Clouds on a evening (20:30) stroll in July 2012.. At home with Hannah Fielding.

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Claire (a violinist) got me a gift for doing some headshots for her.

Mmmm yeah. Brewdog

Graham being cool..

We did the bleep test regularly in 2012